about the podcast

There are a few underlying beliefs behind the Podcast

  1. Each of us has a unique potential for something. The key is figuring the right playground and bringing our best selves there. This is not a one-time static process but a journey where we might play in multiple playgrounds at various points in time
  2. The world of business can learn from other domains
  3. There are no universal silver bullets or prescriptions for you to discover your potential

This is a journey for the long-term (hopefully perpetuity) where Deepak speaks to people from different walks of life and talks to them about their journeys. The long-term vision is to create a library of insights that people could access to make better choices in their journeys and lead improved lives. Each conversation has been broken into sub-themes (called nuggets). There are multiple ways in which you could access the content:

  1. Listen to a full conversation with a guest
  2. Tune into a specific nugget of interest
  3. Listen to a Playlist by a particular theme that interests you (perspectives from multiple people on a topic that interests you)

In his conversations with his guests, Deepak tries to understand how they have dealt with the “where to go” & “how to grow” questions at various points in time. In a world of abundance, the podcast also touches up on how people made some of these choices during their transitions. There are no prescriptions here but conversations that provoke reflection and get you to be more thoughtful about things that matter. To know more about the "why" behind the podcast, please click here.

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