Deepak Jayaraman is an Executive Coach and is the CEO of Transition Insight, where he works with successful senior executives and helps them play to their unique potential by working with them closely during phases of high stakes transition. Transitions are often points in time when people are lonely, problems are complex, stakeholders are many and stakes are high. Deepak finds it fulfilling to make a difference to people at these pivotal points in their journey.

While each context is unique and requires a bespoke approach, typical situations where people find him of value include the following.

Sounding Board: While CEOs can hire the best of Consultants, Lawyers and Investment Bankers for their business, they are often lonely when it comes to their own journey. We all know it is lonely at the top. I guess it is lonelier when you are solving for yourself.  Please click here to know more.

Coaching: Deepak works with leaders to assess them comprehensively in the context of their business role and works with them closely to drive their professional growth. Please click here to know more.

Leadership Assessment: Companies often need external help in choosing between credible candidates (internal or external). While Deepak does not run search mandates, he brings 5+ years of experience as an Executive Search Consultant at EgonZehnder while helping clients choose the right leaders for their business. 

Mid-life course correction: This is something that a lot of us grapple with. Deepak works with leaders to take stock of their journeys in mid-life and helps them with life architecture choices moving forward. For a thought piece on this, please click here.  

Transitioning careers thoughtfully: Just like businesses need to be coherent about where to play & how to win, we all need to be coherent about our responses to where to go & how to grow at various points in time. Where to go can be a nebulous question to navigate. Deepak works with leaders to understand their complete context (work, family, social objectives, personal aspirations, financial situation) to provide directional clarity and make market introductions (as appropriate) to help leaders transition to the new role. Click here to know more.

Decision Support: Leaders sometimes have high-stakes decisions to make often around their career. They often need a trusted and a capable advisor who can help them clear their thinking and provide greater conviction in their choices. Please click here to know more.

Enabling Role Transition: Points in time when the notion of "what got you here won't get you there" applies. Leaders often need the help of a sounding board to navigate through this.

Setting a newly appointed leader for success: When a new leader transitions into a company (e.g. a young Entrepreneur hires a seasoned CEO/CXO to drive growth and scale, New CEO is hired in from the outside and takes charge). Please click here to know more.

Deepak Jayaraman is an alumnus of IIT Madras, IIM Ahmedabad and London Business School. In his work with clients, Deepak tries to weave in his understanding of business and first principles problem solving from McKinsey, appreciation of the link between business and leadership from EgonZehnder and a nuanced understanding of human behavior, motivations and change from his work in Coaching and Leadership Development. Deepak is a certified CEO Coach.

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