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Building a Personal Brand

Prakash discusses how one could learn from how FMCG companies build brands in the context of personal brand building. He discusses how authenticity, consumer centricity and choice are critical in building a powerful enduring brand in a certain area.

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Personal branding in the Digital world

  These days, personal branding is something that gets talked about a lot. But what is it and why is it important? More significantly, how do you go about creating a personal brand? In this nugget, Abhijit shares four vital aspects of personal branding that you should think about.  

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Building a personal Brand

Ambi talks about how we can all learn from the world of brands to think about our personal brands. He talks about the criticality of sharing ideas that are in line with the what your brand should stand for. He also discusses the criticality of collaboration in ensuring that you are able get the word out about your brand and what you can offer to the world.

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